Corporate Information
Likom Division is a fully integrated Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) provider of IT related electronics and mechanical assemblies. It's headquarter and manufacturing facility is located in Melaka Technology Park, Melaka, Malaysia. It is supported by the sales office in City of Industry CA, USA. Likom is able to provide total integration and turnkey services in electronic PC board assembly and mechanical (metal & plastic) assemblies. Having your products manufactured in Likom means maximising procurement through economies of scale; effective programme coordination through past experience with stringent control procedures; resulting in quality output and quick design-to-production turn around time.
Vision & Mission
Our Vision:
We want to be a global customer preferred manufacturing services partner.

Our Mission:
We are committed to ensuring operational excellence with product, technological and market innovations to fulfill our global customers' needs.
Quality System
In today's global competitive market, in addition to cost and delivery, quality is also our top priority. Quality is the focus of everything we do and will continue to be the major thrust in our business.

Quality Management System and Product Certification are an integral part of all products manufactured and assembled at Likom.

Where applicable, our products are manufactured and tested with full compliance with various international standards (UL, CSA, CE, TUV, TCO, JACO, ISO ....).

All companies in the Likom Group are ISO9000:2001 certified. In addition, our companies are certified for Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2004).

Our Quality Policy: To Deliver EXCELLENT Quality Products and Services which EXCEED customers' satisfaction through COMPETITIVE cost and TIMELY delivery.

With our quality in place, the Likom Group has proven to be the choice for our customers as a systematic and reliable manufacturing partner.

Management Highlights
At Likom, we are continuously re-engineering ourselves. Our team has a strong sense of commitment towards the future development of innovative products and pioneering technology that anticipates the changing needs of our partners. We believe our one-stop model can bring simplification to your business process in providing benefits in quick time to market at competitive costs.

Let us share our experience with existing partners of world class reputation with you. Likom is pursuing its goal of realising its dream of being the most efficient contract manufacturing organisation in every aspect of operations. Its staff will continue to strive for further development with a challenging and customer-oriented spirit.

Awards & Achievements
Likom's services are recognized for its quality, performance and innovation by our customers. We are honoured with awards and prizes for our contributions to customer's total service and solutions. We are proud to be associated as partners with global industry leaders.
Governance, RBA & Corporate Social Responsibility
Likom is fully committed to comply to the following governance:
Likom defines RBA & Corporate Social Responsibility as doing business ethically, environmentally and social manner and aware to social and environmental impacts. Our social and environmental management systems covers:

1) Ethics
2) Health and Safety
3) Labor
4) Management system
5) Environment Management System ISO 14001

- Protect air, land, water, prevent noise
- Manage waste, recycle waste, save energy
- Manage Hazardous Materials

We aim to improve environmental performance, company’s practices, procedures, and processes, compliance to all applicable law and regulations that established in Malaysia and International ISO 14001 standard and continual improvement of the system.

Our System complies with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct.

Attached below the Policies and Standards documents: